Interview With Founder and CEO

Interview with founder and CEO of Goddess Planet, Betty H:

“As a mother of three, I became immersed in parenthood, wanting to be the best mother, teacher, counsellor, friend, nurse, cook, homework helper, chauffeur and every other role involved in being a great parent.  It did not dawn on me until all of my children were all out of diapers and were on the same school schedule that I too needed some tender loving care. I had lost sight of who I was, what I was, the essence of me.  A woman, first and foremost. A beautiful, confident, sensual and intelligent woman. I had to take a step back and remember what it was that made me uniquely different and happy. Indeed I had to re-discover the Goddess within.

By doing so, I became an even more attentive parent and wife and an even more productive business woman.  It became evident that I, like many millions of other women and moms in particular, got trapped in the “put myself last” rut. I realized that in order to live a truly happy and productive life, I must put myself first, taking my rightful place as Goddess…of my household, of my world.

This ignited the idea of developing a unique Goddess brand which represented women like me. Women who like finer things but don’t necessarily want to pay a fortune to enjoy them. Women who want to look beautiful and retain their youthful glow but don’t want to resort to drastic and expensive measures to look and feel beautiful. Women who are diverse and uniquely wonderful in their own way. Women who wish to celebrate their inner goddess.

Welcome to Goddess Planet. Goddess blog, Goddess Marketplace.”

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